Posted by: jredfox224 | December 2, 2010

i want a hello kitty snuggie

days like these make me wonder why i even blog. well, if that was the case, I prob wouldn’t be blogging till dec.9th. blah. i woke up at 11, ate half of calzone, shower, then had to wear jeans cause it was an annoyingly windy. then spent 30min trying to fix the internet b/c I wasn’t getting any and i had to flip the router around, argh..i went to pearls at like one thirty to give parking decal, some cake, and coconut shrimp, then didn’t feel like driving back to house, or explain that I never had class on wednesdays, so drove to big mall where I walked around for about an hour and a half and finished reading the latest clique book. I can’t believe the series is ending this feb. gah, it was entertaining to read about their carefree rich world..oh well. yeah, drove back to house and got there at like 411, ate rest of calzone…glad that there was very little meat in it and it was mostly cheese, just like how I like it, then took brisk walk around the pool, and watched latest 16 and pregnant episode, yuck…what a terrible family…the grandma reminded me of someone I know…eeeek, then roo randomly IM’ed me and we talked a bit, but now he’s away from keyboard for like an hr. it’s like 40 degrees over there, and it will be cold here tonight too…hence the blog title, it’s only 19.99 at hot topic! yeaaah, idk, i feel like I have to just not think, or i’ll obsess over junk, and the obvious, so, december, please be kind to me. and take that, asshole…..don’t show up. i hate you.

i wonder when it will start to feel like holidays, uh, never,,gah, i hope i get text texts later tonight, the kind that take my mind off crap, yeah, that would be nice



  1. where can u find those hello kitty snuggies?? i want soooo bad !!!! =)

  2. i looked at hot topic online and nothing 😦 but thanks anyways !

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